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Coaches, youth soccer has never been so popular as it is right now in Canada, and it's only going to get bigger!  However, the future of soccer starts with us at the grassroots levels, teaching the kids the basics, the intermediate skills, and eventually the advanced skills, as they grow.  The most important level to begin growing foot skills, in my opinion, is ages 2-10.  Yes 2!  Watch what a toddler does to a ball when they walk up to it.  They kick it.  Let them kick a ball as many times as they can.  The more touches these kids have on a ball, the better for them to develop their foot skills, motor skills, and comfort with a soccer ball.  One of the most troubling problems youth have in Canada today is many don't know what to do with the ball and they kick it away (hot potato).  Practice makes permanent, so choose game drills that maximize the touches on the ball per player. Don't let our company name fool you!  We also have cool incentive patches for players of any sport such as the Happy Face patch, Lightning Bolt patch, Star patches, "D"efense patch, "A"ttitude patch, and "V"ictory patch! These patches can apply to any sport or activity such as baseball, softball, t-ball, basketball, hockey, football, martial arts (karate, tae kwon do), & bowling. Schools even use them for student awards!  Just look at all the coaches testimonials to see how well these patches worked for them!

As with soccer, touches with a ball, or puck, is very important to create a fun experience during practices and games.  Choose fun game drills to do just that.

Stock Clearance Sale!

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, The Soccer Patch will be closing its virtual doors at end of day on December 31st, 2016.  Since our startup we have provided thousands of patches to player, coaches, teachers and parents across Canada, and would like to thank each and every customer of ours, past and present.  For the remainder of the 2016 year, all remaining stock will be sold at the deepest discounted rate for 35 cents per patch!  Get them while they last!

Soccer Patches Patches
Black/White 120
Blue/Yellow 470
Gold/Blue 540
Kelly Green/White 280
Light Blue/White 290
Maroon/White 480
Pink/White 260
Red/White 30
Purple/White 1650
Other Patches
Blue Star 300
Gold Star 730
Red Star 420
Green Star 590
"A" Patch 590
"D" Patch 350
"V" Patch 640
Lucky Shamrock 620
Happy Face 200

If anyone is interested in a great home business opportunity selling these patches within Canada, please contact me asap for more details.

Here are some testimonials from satisfied coaches...

Of course, the patches were a hit.  Parents told me that the kids were so excited about getting the patches that they would go home and actually practice techniques!  I certainly didn't make it easy for them, but their enthusiasm sure made it easy for me.  I am looking to expand the program this year with a new batch of kids, twice as many as last year and I'm really excited to get the program rolling.

          --Coach Ben, Manitoba

I used them last year and they made a big difference. In our league at the GU8 level we were 1st  place overall and we won the year end Cup Championships too. ;o)  The patches were a big hit!!

          --Coach Howie, Ontario
In this day and age customer service such as this is a by gone commodity.  I am using them for soccer.  As you know kids love variety.  I only use the patches for practice and not for games.  Kids all try hard in games but practice is a different story.  By giving out the patches, the kids want to excel in practice.  I coach a u14 boys team.  They are never too old to be recognized!

          --Coach Enzo, Ontario

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is “catching” a child doing something you want them to do, and rewarding it. The child gets attention and reward as positive reinforcement for doing the right thing and will focus on repeating that behaviour.

So, for example, if you award a child a patch for providing an assist in a game or training session they will try to repeat the action because of the approval it attracts. Other players will also try to replicate the behaviour (the assist) because they want to be rewarded in a similar way.

Children really do want to be 'good' - you just need to make sure you reward them for being good. This could be a simple "well done", but a more tangible reward - a patch - works even better. Children can take soccer patches home, or to school, where they can show them to their friends and parents.

Why Does Positive Reinforcement Work?

Positive reinforcement works because it gives children positive goals to work toward, instead of only focusing on negative consequences to avoid. Positive reinforcement fulfils strong basic psychological needs of every child.

It's worth remembering that positive reinforcement works best when it isn't a once-in-a-while thing.  The more it happens, the more effective it is!

I started coaching my daughter's recreational soccer team in the spring of 2005 after being nominated by some of the other parents.  I had no coaching experience and was a true sideline soccer Dad.  I needed help!  One of the things I learned very quickly was that it was a challenge keeping the girls motivated to excel in practices and games.

I tried some of the soccer incentive patches in 2006 with my U11 Girls team for the first time to see what would happen as we had gone through our whole regular season without a win and very few goals scored.  The result was fantastic!  The girls game play on the field changed to a whole team effort.  They went from being last in the standings to serious championship contenders in the play-offs.  I almost had to fight the girls off as they practically swarmed me after a game to see who was going to get a patch.  It is with this reaction and result that I decided to offer these various patches to coaches and associations across Canada.  But I quickly realized that they're not only useful for soccer.  These can be used for soccer, baseball, softball, t-ball, hockey, football, bowling, martial arts (karate, tae kwon do, etc), or any other activity.  These patches really work and the kids love them!  Read what many other coaches have been saying about them here!

It amazes me how many coaches rarely think of motivation as a key element to player development.  When you really think about it, motivation plays a great part in the daily lives of all of us at home, at work, and at play.  More so, our young people require this motivation in even greater amounts!  How far does passion for a sport, respect, and drive to excel last without motivational techniques?  You as a coach or parent are in a perfect position to provide this much needed skill, and these patches are a great tool to assist you in that endeavor.  The kids love them and they work hard for them.  Try them out and you'll notice a positive change in your players.

*** We only service Canada for these itemsVisitors from outside Canada should visit SoccerHelp.com to place your orders for the patches and much much more!***

--Coach Steve, The Soccer Patch

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